As part of our continuous improvement process, our clients have graded us using the following performance metrics

(averaging of responses, 1-5 scale, 5 being best):
Orientation, training and project setup… 4.3
Ability to understand and relay the complexities
of client businesses to potential customers…
Project reporting…
- Frequency desired 4.3
- Understandable format 4
- Call recordings 5
Overall communication during a project… 5

Sampling of client comments:

For us, the benefit of hiring Heartland was their ability to supply prospect lists, as well as call through our existing cold leads, to introduce our new publication and talk to decision makers. We were not in a position to do that work internally. We’ve been able to convert a good portion of those into paying customers, and that process continues.”

Vice President
National multi-title business magazine firm

We were in constant contact with Heartland and its team throughout the course of the project we contracted them for. I found the Heartland team to be engaging and always striving to improve on the process and the results they gained for us.”

Chief Executive Officer
National fundraising, tele-services firm

Heartland demonstrated the ability to adapt quickly to our feedback. They have been successful in securing meetings for us with large companies that are interested in our services. The Heartland team is very professional, and highly experienced in our industry.”
National marketing firm*
*Recently named one of the fastest growing agencies in the U.S.

With our project, we experienced a very fast set up time as the Heartland team had to adapt quickly to fit our needs. The Heartland team was readily available, and did not hesitate to contact anyone on our behalf. Heartland’s service was also very affordable.”
North American specialty magazine

If you are interested in becoming a Heartland client, we will be happy to put you in direct contact with these and other references! Give us a call today, toll free: 1-855-484-7200.