At Heartland, we understand only a small percentage of leads from any marketing channel, and effort, are real sales opportunities. Our clients entrust Heartland to present their products and services professionally and find the best revenue opportunities for them.

Determining what your goals are for a project, and how we are going to measure and report performance are vital to assuring we achieve success, and you are comfortable and satisfied when a project ends.

Each of the steps below can be as formal, or as flexible as you desire, but we don’t veer far from this approach because our best clients appreciate our thoughtful approach.

Heartland’s 5-Step Process:

Determine Your Needs—Our Most Important Step

With each project, we first conduct no-cost exploratory sessions to understand your specific needs to assure we offer the right solution. Sometimes, we are not the right fit, and we’ll tell you that.

Define Project Scope and Formulate Success Plans, and KPIs

When you become a client, we meet face-to-face to help define the scope of the project, craft the calling, introductory tools and reports to be used, and what roles each of us will undertake to assure a project is launched properly, that the project’s success is measurable, and that everyone understands and strives toward achieving success.

Agent Training, Project GoLive

Once the project tools and other information are defined, we set up the project using our systems and calling tools. We then transition to agent training, and finally GoLive with the project. As our work gains traction, we quickly and seamlessly transition interested new prospects to you to nurture and close the sale.

Project Monitoring

An account manager works with you, and the agent(s) we have assigned to the project, to help ensure the work proceeds as desired. As adjustments are warranted, we quickly respond and adjust so you are satisfied.

Project Close

Each client has different goals when hiring us. Once a project is completed, we deliver final reports that cater to your needs. And finally, we ask you to evaluate our work as we constantly strive to change and successfully address every aspect of today’s challenging and ever-changing sales environment.